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Events & Entertainment Management – An Emerging Management Career Field

MBA Event Management Management

Events & Entertainment Management – An Emerging Management Career Field

COVID-19 has caused several industries to fall and some of them almost went on the point of suffocation while many businesses had to close down due to the excess liabilities. The event industry was not an exception and neither been excused during the pandemic. However, the industry took the pledge to shed off the dirt and stand stronger. The organizations started to arrange events online on a huge scale as physical events are minimized to a great extent due to the risk of contamination. Some forms of events like IPL were conducted in-house and live broadcasting was made available for the viewers to enjoy and game while being stationed in the preferred safe houses. This arises the need of creating a program that would cater to the areas of the online event as well as the offline events when they will return with their old glory. The program should not only satisfy the requirements to support the changing needs of the market but also prepare the learners for the upcoming changes in the event industry.

The Adamas University with its sprawling campus and highly qualified faculties is offering the MBA in Events and Entertainment Management program under the school of Media and Communication to all the aspirants who are looking for promising career opportunities in the event and entertainment industry. The program blends academics with industry and exposes areas like managing events and entertainment industries, budgeting, Television and radio entertainment management and many more while the focus of the program would be on upgrading the practical and hands-on experience of the learners. The objectives of the MBA program is to developing a sense of creativity for events and entertainment, Understanding different components and verticals of event management, Creating platform-agnostic aspects of brand events and entertainment management, Understand the usage of data in managing the business and also become confluent with technologies that govern contemporary events and entertainment management.

MBA in Events and Entertainment Management comes with a list of objectives like creating successful events on different platforms, Becoming an expert in managing various components and aspects of event as well as entertainment media, Analyze the outcome of any event in order to bring in further changes and take forward the baton of ethical management practices, which has become a lost art form in the current era.

The program is strongly backed up by the Adamas University Events Lab which is constituted to be a pioneer in managing events for the school of Media and Communication at the university level while also being engaged in inter-university events. The club facilitates the young aspirants to engage in activities for the internal and external circle to sharpen their skills in event management as well as managing entertainment over different platforms. The lab expands its girth to breach the barrier between the academic knowledge processing and implication of the same for industrial practices. The primary aim of the Event club is to create professionals to match up the needs of the industry as well as to produce independent professionals while encouraging them to become entrepreneurs.

The activities carried out by the Adamas University (AU) Event Lab will be multi-dimensional and innovative. The range of activities under the lab will be as follows:

  • Forming affirmative ties with Event and Entertainment farms while coming out with joint projects that can be monetized.
  • Organizing seminars, conferences, and workshops by leading industry stalwarts.
  • Training internal students to become smart event and entertainment managers.
  • Guiding students to become entrepreneurs in the event and entertainment industry.
  • Providing consultancy services to organizations that require smart event managers for their business.
  • Tying up with other institutes or universities to conduct academic training programs on event and entertainment management.
  • Conducting seminars, conferences, and workshops at other institutes or universities.

The program would offer learners to join this majestic club not only to gain practical knowledge but also to get in touch with leading industry leaders who can be good sources of professional opportunities after the completion of the program. This leads to introducing another major benefit of the program which is called the “master classes” by the popular industry professionals that helps in providing flair of the industry and also helps the students to understand the challenges of the domain as well as provide them with the key solutions of those encounters.

The learners, who wish to take admission under this program, should understand the value of a post-graduate degree that gives them the professional knowledge and understanding of the domain, along with the certification from a well-recognized university to make it even more impactful. On the contrary, it can be said that if the skills honed by the hard work and determination of the learners are supported and recognized by a reasonable organization, then the efforts become fruitful and permanent for the rest of their lives.

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