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Future belongs to Data Science – Career Scopes in Statistics & Data Analytics

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Future belongs to Data Science – Career Scopes in Statistics & Data Analytics

What is Data Science? 

In this current scenario of a competitive world, data science becomes a new era. Data science has played a vital role in making policies or decision making in the real-life world.  It is one of the trendiest jobs across the globe in terms of future scope and career stability. Data Science has become a catchphrase that almost everyone talks about these days. We have to know the role of Data Science and that of a data scientist as well in this era of “data”. Data Science has several steps and stages in its functioning right from collection, preparation, analysis, visualization of data and extraction & maintenance of information. In the subject area of data science, mathematics, statistics and computer science play together with beautiful synchronization along with the domain knowledge of application areas.  Data is of no use unless one analyzes it and derives meaningful insights from it to generate knowledge. Data Scientists play with the data to help out companies in making proper decisions to achieve business goals. Apart from the data-driven knowledge and approaches adopted by the companies, a large amount of data that Data Scientists analyze and predict develops significant insights into the field and broadens knowledge in respect of evaluating business performance and fixing future strategies. Also, healthcare industries and medical practitioners are using Data Science, where deep learning and AI, a specialized field of Data Science, are in huge demand for medical diagnosis and AI-driven medicine. Thus, data science has major demand in many organizations around the globe. To make a career in statistics and data science, a 10+2 passed student in mathematics should opt for the under graduation in statistics or its allied subjects.  But statistics is an emerging multi-disciplinary subject that provides an opportunity to work as a data scientist or statistical officer in various agencies. 

Why should one opt for B.Sc. (Hons) Statistics & Data Analytics? 

B.Sc. (Hons) Statistics & Data Analytics is a multidisciplinary programme with interdisciplinary applications. The course module of this programme has been prepared in such a way that it nurtures statistics and data science through the learning of data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer science utility with the statistical concepts and tools. This module will lead the student to make their career at any private, semi-private, or government sector job as a data analyst, data scientist. During the course, Adamas University will be providing International exposure through a semester abroad and summer schools Industry-Institute integration through projects, industrial visits etc. This programme has been designed as per choice based credit system (CBCS) with Outcome-based education (OBE) system and interdisciplinary project-based learning. Along with core courses of the programme, the department offers different generic elective courses in the domain of economics, physics and computer science which help students to understand and utilization the programme. The programme includes skill enhancement courses such as R-programming, Statistical-Data Analysis Using Software Packages, simulation techniques, Statistical Data Analysis Using Matlab which are useful tools for analysis of real-life data.  This programme also includes the following core courses related to the field of data science  

  • Elementary Data Science  
  • Forecasting Methods and Applications 
  • Database Management System 
  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization 
  • Applied Machine Learning 
  • Design of Experiments and Multivariate Analysis 
  • Data Analytics and Data Mining 
  • Predictive Modeling 

After completion of second-year students can take part in summer internship programmes in different industries or relevant institutes. During the final two-semester of the programme, students may choose discipline-specific electives (DSE) courses from different areas such as  

  • Bio-Statistics 
    • Translational Bioinformatics 
    • Survival Analysis and Biostatistics 
  • Mathematical Finance  
    • Computational Models 
    • Algorithms for Data Science 
  • Data Computing  
    • Big Data Analytics 
    • Data Manipulation and Data Cleaning in R 
    • Python for Data Science 
    • Actuarial Statistics 

The aim of this programme is to exposing students to broad areas and subjects of statistics, data mining, predictive modelling, big data analytics, machine learning, data visualization across various sectors such as business, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, operations, human resources, genomics, healthcare, banking etc. using hands-on experience. During the course, students will also learn core concepts of mathematical sciences with their applications, core concepts of combinations, permutations and counting principles. This course also focuses on the collection, meaningful segregation, and interpretation of collected data, ability to apply quantitative reasoning and/or mathematical skills/statistical models to real-life data related to agriculture, finance, industry, climate etc. This programme also offers minor courses from different domains that students may select as per their choice during their course of study. These minor courses may help students to gain their expertise. After successfully completing this undergraduate programme and minor courses students will receive an undergraduate degree with a minor course completion certificate which may help students go the extra mile. Different companies may offer job roles as a data scientist, data engineer, business intelligence professional, data manager, data analyst etc. MuSigma, Publicis Sapient, Amazon, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Service (TCS), Cognizant Technology Solution (CTS) and others companies offer very good packages. A candidate may also pursue higher degrees and opt for teaching jobs in colleges or universities. 

Why should one take admission at Adamas University? 

Adamas University is among the very few Universities offering this unique, job oriented program, creating a bright future for aspiring candidates. It is very field of study where one may build his/her career as a data scientist or data engineer. Also, you may utilize your skills to contribute toward planning and execution in different government or semi-government or private sector schemes. Students of 10+2 or higher secondary with Mathematics or Statistics as a compulsory subject are eligible to apply for this programme.  For admission, you need to clear the AUAT entrance exam along with the personal interview. 

For further details and enquiry, you can visit the official website of the Department of Mathematics, Adamas University (https://science.adamasuniversity.ac.in/). 

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