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Career Opportunities with a Sociology Degree

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Career Opportunities with a Sociology Degree

Let us first know what actually is the subject matter of sociology is. The answer to the question, ‘what is sociology?’  the study of society. It is the subject matter that is difficult to define. Sociology as a subject includes everything under its name, it is interrelated to all social science subjects, and all that’s happening in the society. The subject matter of sociology is related to other fields of study such as political science, geography, economics, and even natural sciences like physics, chemistry, etc. Hence, while studying the subject, we are often exposed to subjects like political sociology, economic sociology and developmental sociology. 

Sociology is a social science which helps to understand the way society works. Those who study sociology will be able analysing sociological issues and devising potential solutions and improvements, perhaps by addressing social inequalities relating to factors such as class, gender, race and poverty. 

Sociologists look at the human society both past and present, gaining insight into how societies develop and organize themselves. Topics covered on a sociology degree can be incredibly wide-ranging depending on your interests. Sociology students will learn about the social causes and consequences of common human experiences and issues. This knowledge can then be used across multiple sectors, from politics to social welfare. 

Sociology is a vast field and there are different areas where one can specialize in with the advent of one’s studies and career. There are experts who study behaviour of children, deal with problems of adolescents, decode criminal behaviour and action, assist students to broaden their horizon and become able enough to conduct an effective communication, analyse and solve their problems and so much more. One can choose from the many options present and think of making his career in the world of Sociology. There is no vertical specialisation when it comes to sociology. 

Being a sociologist asks for a lot of patience and dedication to their work. Employers will look for people with good communication and research skills along with the capacity for detailed observation. Since you’d be required to solve problems along with diagnosing them, so you must have a strong sense of problem solving along and critical thinking.  

On the other hand Sociology would mean the scientific study of human social behaviour. It includes origin and development of organization and different institution. Sociology will not only help you comprehend the human behaviour more easily but also help to know more about its cause and consequence. Sociology is more of a subject where the student will have to be patient and have an eye for detail to understand the behaviour of human beings through their social interactions, and understand how societies organize, develop and change. Your education in Sociology can open many arenas for you. 

Some of the many career options of Sociology 

    1. Community and youth work :

      Community and youth development are common yet incredibly important fields in which to pursue sociology careers. The focus here lies with social welfare amongst young and vulnerable people as well as the wider community, on both a local and at national scale. Often these roles have close involvement with social politics, particularly regarding social care, education, community involvement, poverty, rehabilitation and healthcare. Studying sociology will help develop the knowledge needed to work in community development, including awareness of how laws and regulations affect society with strong interpersonal skills. Common roles in community and youth work include roles as community officer, social worker, carer, youth worker, equality and diversity officer and sports development officer. Here in Adamas University we have common papers named community development and community service in which all the details of community and youth related work is taught and even we go out for field work in different old age homes or orphanages to see how community development works. Not only this, students gets opportunities to work in different NGOs as trainees and get stipend to have in hand work experience to see how NGOs work for different target groups. 

    2. Counselling and therapy :

      Studying sociology could provide a way into counselling and therapy careers. While a psychology degree is a more typical route into professional psychology careers, counsellors and therapists can come from numerous backgrounds. The main attributes required are strong interpersonal, communication and critical thinking skills and an ability to empathize without judgment. Counselling and therapy roles mean working closely with a diverse range of people – individuals, couples and/or groups – helping them to talk through and overcome an array of problems.  In Adamas university we offer psychology as pass subject to the students who wills to take it. In that way not only from sociology curriculum they get specialised in counselling but psychology also is an added advantage which makes the work easy. 

    3. Education :

      For careers in primary and secondary education, a sociology degree could provide you with relevant knowledge of education in society, as well as the child development process, and even the laws of the playground. Although a background in sociology provides a solid foundation for careers in education, a professional teaching qualification is also often required (B.ED), usually taking two years to complete. For careers in higher education, postgraduate qualifications are often a prerequisite – you’ll typically need at least a master’s degree, and often a PhD. At this level you’ll likely be working within your own specialization in a teaching (professor) and/or research capacity. Job roles include lecturer, tutor and researcher; many of those working in academia combine several of these functions, while focusing on writing papers for publication in journals and books. The department of sociology of Adamas University is well equipped with all excellent noteworthy teachers from appreciable academic background. We have with us very experienced emeritus professors from renowned colleges to enrich students and help them for academic excellence. Students are always mentored and encouraged for appearing in different competitive exams like NET and SET. PhDs are done here with utmost care. Paper publications and paper presentations are almost mandatory here. Mentors always boost up for these activities. 

    4. Public service:

      Careers in public service often focus on similar issues to those addressed in community development roles. Potential public service jobs for sociology graduates include roles in social and welfare services, public health services, the voluntary sector, criminal justice, probation and prison services, rehabilitation and housing services. Social researchers are also needed to track societal developments across the public service sector. Employers often look for analytical and critical thinking skills, cross-cultural understanding, ability to collaborate and present complex information, awareness of current laws and regulations in the sector and solid interpersonal skills. Which ultimately helps in preparation of the competitive exams needed for getting into public services. As we all know by now, that Sociology is a very important subject or paper to be considered for competitive exams, because it is both very informative, all-encompassing and always stays updated to get through the exams. On one hand sociology as a subject can be studied here and on the other hand, all the allied subjects for UPSC, WBCSC like logic, reasoning, G.K, English, history etc. can be studied here too. Because in Adamas University, one will get after college evening classes, where these subjects are helped with.

    5. Careers in business:

      Combining a background in sociology with a career in business opens up a huge range of potential career paths and sectors. Business careers span every industry, incorporating roles in marketing, statistics, research, public relations (PR), recruitment, human resources (HR) and more. Those who study sociology are likely to have the strong analytical skills needed to make it in the business world, as well as the critical thinking skills needed to make connections and find solutions to business issues.  In Adamas University the students have to do dissertations in the last two semesters, where they have to use all their analytical skills, which they are taught in their compulsory core papers in the first 2 years or 4 semesters. They are taught all the requisite techniques for interpreting and analysing different social problems or phenomena of society.

    6. Careers in marketing:

      A knowledge of the complexity of human societies and behaviour is extremely helpful for pursuing careers in marketing. Marketers focus on targeting messages to different sections of society, identifying the needs of different demographics and acting accordingly. An understanding of how to categorize and analyse different subsections within society will help with the creation and targeting of marketing campaigns, with the statistical and analytical skills gained during a sociology degree providing an excellent background for effective work in this field. In Adamas University the course is made in such a pattern, where the students will be able to meet the industry standards i.e., it is an outcome-based education, where they are not only taught about the traditional approaches of study, but the study pattern is oriented such a way, that it becomes industry friendly, so that the students get mentally prepared that they are industry ready.

    7. Careers in politics, activism and the charity sector:

      Sociologists’ knowledge of society, patterns of social relationships and the culture of everyday life is important in order to question the status quo in society, in matters such as race, class and gender equality. If you want to use the skills and knowledge gained during your degree to make society better, you could consider careers within the charity sector, local and national politics, or by becoming a political activist. Entry-level roles in professional politics may require a relevant postgraduate degree. But many roles are available to bachelor’s graduates who can demonstrate the passion for the sector alongside skills in conducting research and analysing complex data, awareness of current affairs and the ability to argue, reasoning and persuasion. The superb analytical skills which the sociology students develop by nature of the subject is an added advantage. They develop a quality of foresightedness which enhances more for proper guidance from dedicated professors in Adamas University.

    8. Consumer Relations: A sociologist often has an understanding of the complexities of human nature and can apply the tools to understand the behaviour and formulate reports on it. Consumer relations involves understanding the requirements of the customer, the various factors that are involved in changing the requirements of the customer, etc. There are various other fields that require the knowledge of sociologists, such as public litigation, policymaking, etc. There is also social media that has changed the way people communicate or view each other, and the subject of sociology helps us understand this phenomenon among various others.

    9. Journalism: Journalism requires one to develop an understanding of a phenomenon and provide an unbiased opinion on that. Analytical and critical thinking accompanied by excellent communication skills are a must if one wants to become a journalist. A sociology major is taught various methods and approaches of studying a social phenomenon. Sociology majors learn the various methods and approaches of studying a societal phenomenon such as conducting interviews, case studies and surveys. A typical sociology class often involves heated discussions and debates where the individual is supposed to share their ideas and views on a topic. You are also exposed to assignments where employing critical and analytical thinking is essential. These learnings can very well be implemented while taking up a career in journalism.  As we all know sociology embraces every field of life, thus journalism and mass communication are also another stream where sociology students can flourish. As this sector deals with society, reality and engaging with people, there comes the role of sociologist. Students here understands the hardcore reality in present society so much that due to their foresightedness they can predict any situation well and help people in navigating the correct ways in which society will find anything more or less interesting. In short sociologist work as eye opener for society. Where they help people in media to understand present scenario better and that is what students are taught here with care.


To conclude it can be said that Adamas University has world class facilities, with specialised faculties, who guide throughout the entire span of degree. In Adamas you can opt for all UGC acknowledged full time courses like B.A, M.A, and PhD in Sociology as major subject. Thus, come to Adamas and explore the horizon because we are committed to prepare socially responsible students with theoretical and substantive knowledge to contribute as skilled professionals within the institutions and organizations that shape our increasingly diverse and global society. Because we are on the mission to deliver high quality education with research-orientation, which will help in imparting lifelong learning for contributing local, national and international quality of life and sustainable development of society. This will in return produce skilled professionals with theoretical and practical knowledge who can indoctrinate team work, professional integrity and social responsibility.   

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