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Robotics and Automation Plays an Important role in combating COVID19

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Robotics and Automation Plays an Important role in combating COVID19

Advanced technology play an important role in helping humans in containing the spread of virus and handling the existing cases during global fight against COVID-19.Robotics is one of the advanced technology which became very popular across the world. Large number of hospitals, nursing homes are presently uses various types of Robots to guide doctors, healthcare staffs as well a as patients.

Robots to substitute Human Workers? 

Robots have the capabilities to be used for disinfection, delivering foods and medications, measuring important signs. For preventing disease, robot-controlled UV surface disinfection is being used as COVID-19 spreads not only from human body to human body via close contact but also via contaminated surface.Artificial Intelligence based Robots may be utilised to  support quarantined peoples. World Health Organization  has recommend safe distancing for people around the globe to prevent community level transmission of COVID-19.So robots are being used not only in the hospitals, they are used for supplying essentials in high risk areas.

How Countries are dependable on Robots 

The Robots, supplied by China can disinfect, provide medicine to patients and also measure their body temperature.

In India, A Autonomous Robot, invented by  Asimov Robotics ,Kerala that can be used to help critical patients in isolation ward with full support.

A humanoid robot can also be applied for  delivering food and medicines to COVID-19 patients admitted in the hospital. Sawai Man Singh Government Hospital in Rajasthan has taken initiative to experiment this type of Robots to care for doctors and nursing staffs against coronavirus .

Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru has used robots to serve medicines and foods to COVID19 patients to lower the risk of Doctors, nursing staffs and housekeeping peoples.

This is also one example of good use of technology during this corona virus pandemic.

“Robots can play an important part during present situation as they can reduce the human interference at all level, starting from patient analysis to medicine delivery system and full patient care.”Lovi Raj Gupta, executive dean of Science and Technology in Punjab’s Lovely Professional University, explained.Robots can be utilised for maintaining hygiene and collecting garbage at hospitals.

Robots can provide very important task by taking body temperature of people in public places and giving social support to Corona suspected peoples as per the editorial published in journal Science Robotics. The researcher of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok found that large, small and swarm robots that can constantly work and clean in big area could be utilised. Aerial Vehicle Drone which is a part of Robotics become very useful for safe transport of medicines and medical sample delivery.

Petrol Robots became popular in China in public places, airports which continuously informs people to wear masks, and sanitize hands. Guangzhou Gosuncn Robot Company has developed a more Advanced Robot with AI, which is having infrared thermometer, sensors and high resolution based cameras that can sense and scan temperature of group of peoples at a time within a radius of 4-5 meters which is programed inside device. If peoples are not maintaining the rules then an information being sent by robots to the medical authorities, and a real time acknowledgement will be initiated by the authorities against those peoples.

Advanced Technology is the way of the Future 

These are the few applications where advanced robotics technology along with vision have taken responsibility to challenge non-human labour demand during this pandemic situation. The advanced technology like robotics became more popular in helthcare, pharmaceutical field and to provide automation in manufacturing unit to avoid the crowd inside a area during COVID19 period. As we don’t know when this pandemic will end, but for maintaining the production of industry atleast these complicated automation techniques can be utilised. This COVID19 situation is special opportunity for development of Robotics Technology. Now  hospitals, industries, academics also upgrade their existing facilities with advanced technology like Robots, Artificial Intelligence, automations and digital technologies for better and safe operation.

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