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Soring high with the wings of Geography

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Soring high with the wings of Geography

In this changing world, nothing changes more than Geography” – Pearl S. Buck 

In this ever-evolving dynamic world as a learner, one has to be lucid enough to shape their thoughts with dynamism. Without geography, the study of the earth cannot start and cannot end. Being the Mother of all Sciences, Geography holds an abyssal impact on everyone. One’s knowledge base remains incomplete without the proper understanding of geography. The uniqueness of Geography as a discipline of study is that it has both the flavours of humanity and pure science. The newly emerged technical aspect of geo-informatics made this subject very resourceful. As a career-oriented discipline Geography is growing day by day with new avenues of Geoinformatics, Planning, Disaster Management, Environmental engineering. Graduation is the gateway of all these future dreams a student can have with Geography. 

ADAMAS University: A place of Excellence 

ADAMAS is a name that is known to the academic world as a Center for excellence and quality education with an environment that helps the students to flourish with their utmost ability. One of the best Educational Institutions of Eastern India which have been recognized by so many National and International Bodies and bagged numerous accolades in the field of Education. Innovation and making progress with time is the symbol of this prestigious institution. During this Pandemic situation, our University is functioning thoroughly with the most sophisticated and student-friendly E-learning techniques.  


The Department of Geography comes under the cap of the School of Basic and Applied Sciences. The department is functioning for the last 10 years. It is one of the most well-equipped Geography departments we have in India today. Well fashioned Lab facility, Modern GIS Remote Sensing Software, Field survey instruments along with faculty with global exposure make the department a remarkable one.  


Department of Geography offers three years Under Graduation Course (UG) which is divided into Six semesters following the CBCS course structure. The course includes various subfields of physical and human geography namely: Geomorphology and Geotectonic, Climatology, Soil Geography, Bio Geography, Human Geography, Social Geography, Economic Geography, Evolution of Geographical Thought, Statistical Techniques, Remote Sensing and GIS, Cartography etc. The course gives emphasis on the applied part of the subject. Fieldwork, Project work and oral presentation are part of this course by which the skill enhancement of the students can be accomplished.  


The learners of this course will gain a knowledge base with the application skills of their knowledge which will make them ready to enter the world of professional achievements. 

    1. A detailed knowledge base about the various aspects of physical geography like landform features, climatic phenomena etc. 
    2. Environmental key mechanisms with their day-to-day implications along with contemporary issues like disaster management. 
    3. Understanding of intricate socio-economic processes which are going on in our society.
    4. Overall knowledge about the changing approaches of geography as a subject. 

On a technical front the major gains of the students will be: 

    1. Proper learning of data handling and processing with the help of statistical techniques. 
    2. Collection, processing and representation of geo-spatial data on the basis of advanced GIS Remote sensing techniques.
    3. Learning of pragmatic field techniques for data collection and geo-observation. 
    4. Developing the research skills through being a part of the small project works and presenting and dealing with real-world geographical scenarios. 
    5. Above all, going through all the processes students will come to learn about group work, associating with other fellows not only from the geography fraternity but from the other disciplines as well.  


Department offers special papers in specific disciplines: 

    • Population and Settlement Geography 
    • Urban Geography 
    • Resource Geography 
    • Agricultural Geography 
    • Geography of Health and Wellbeing  Geography of Tourism and Transport 
    • Political Geography 
    • Hydrology Oceanography 


    • The Laboratory of Geography Department is equipped with various types of Maps, Topographic Sheets, Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images. Survey Instruments like Dumpy Level, Prismatic Compass, Burton Compass, Abney Level, Theodolite etc. Soil and Water testing kits and Air Sampler are there for environmental studies. 
    • Sophisticated GIS software with computer facility at 1:1 ratio for better learning outcomes.  


Students of Under Graduate course will be moulded with a personality that can give them a smarter approach towards career opportunities. Soft skill development is one of the major thrust areas containing: 

    • Oral presentation of the projects and dissertation  
    • Interview managing skills with group discussions
    • Overall personality development sessions 
    • Development of Demonstration skills  
    • Development of interaction skills during the field works  


    • Students of Under Graduate course have the opportunity to take up internships in various organizations and industries. Earlier, students got the opportunity to work with the company Opsis System Private Limited.  
    • Various projects have been initiated on various Environmental issues and Urban land use planning with collaboration with other Departments of the University.  
    • International exposure is being provided to the students for attending summer schools in abroad, doing projects with the collaboration of experts from all over the world.  
    • After completing the Under Graduation course students can easily opt for higher studies like M.Sc. in Geography, M.Sc. in Geo-informatics, Masters in Planning. Students can directly go for the job opportunities in a Geo-informatics organization. University also provides the opportunity of placement through compassing interviews.   

In a nutshell, the Department of Geography of ADAMAS University empowers a student with a strong knowledge base with application skills which ultimately lead them towards a bright career opportunity.  

For further details and enquiry, you can visit the official website of the Department of Geography, Adamas University (

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