Extremely pleased to be a part of the domain, that is helping the world in battling against the very well known curse of the millennium COVID-19. At this time of the global pandemic when medical
  “Geography is not restricted to computer desks and programming but it connects us with the spatial or geographic logic. It opens up our lives to the vast canvas of the real world” Mentioned by
Adamas University
Dr. Anu Rai, Dr. Rajib Sarkar, Ms. Kasturi Mukherjee, Department of Geography (School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Adamas University) Big Data In a simple language big data is larger, more complex data sets, which are hard
Soring high with the wings of Geography
by Supratim Karmakar
on August 4, 2021
“In this changing world, nothing changes more than Geography” – Pearl S. Buck  In this ever-evolving dynamic world as a learner, one has to be lucid enough to shape their thoughts with dynamism. Without geography,
M.Sc. in Geoinformatics – A future of Geographers
by Tuhin Bhadra
on September 3, 2021
History of Geoinformatics:   The field of geographic information systems (GIS) started in the 1960s as a concept of quantitative and computational geography, whereas the history of remote sensing began with photography. Since the 1960s, with the development of radar, sonar, and