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Post pandemic career opportunities in applied sciences

Post pandemic career opportunities in applied sciences Career, Science

Post pandemic career opportunities in applied sciences

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has an impact on many elements of life on Earth, including the various environmental conditions that could influence the COVID-19 virus’s propagation. The pandemic has shown that the public health concern is not only a medical problem but also affects society as a whole; so, it has also become the leading scientific concern to detect and treat the virus. It is natural to evaluate the settled situation in terms of career opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students who might have missed the real-time practical and experimental learning because of the pandemic.

Applied science is a branch of science that focuses on using existing scientific knowledge to create more practical applications, such as technology or inventions. While pure sciences are concerned with observing and collecting data about natural events in order to understand and explain them through experimentation and analysis, applied science is concerned with finding practical applications for that knowledge. Applied sciences are used in a variety of fields, including medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, engineering, and material science. Applied sciences sometimes draw on multiple pure science streams. Applied science education gives a wide comprehension of a variety of scientific ideas and the ability to use that knowledge to solve problems and create answers in several settings.  Microbiology, biochemistry, industrial chemistry, food science, fisheries science, environmental science, archaeology, polymer science, material science, electronics, energy, forensic science, and nanotechnology are examples of applied sciences. Candidates with this educational background have a wide range of national and international job options in government, the public sector, and commercial companies. As a research specialist or consultant, candidates might work in a variety of businesses. Biotechnology companies, chemicals companies, industrial laboratories, oil corporations, food institutions, and pharmaceutical companies all have a high demand for Applied Science employees.

Studies in applied sciences can be pursued through a variety of undergraduate programs.  A student must choose a specific topic area and study the relevant pure sciences as well as their applications to real-life scenarios, which are often found in an industrial setting. Students who want to pursue a career in applied sciences must have strong analytical abilities to comprehend various parts of a real-life problem or scenario, as well as conceptual skills to develop a solution, invention, or innovation. They must also have a strong problem-solving mindset, as well as a keen eye for detail and scientific curiosity. They will need to work in large teams with individuals from various academic backgrounds, thus great communication and interpersonal skills will be advantageous.

It is important for students and parents to choose a place of learning for their studies as it will guide their whole path of success in life.  If you want to be happy, you must choose the correct career. If you end yourself in the wrong work, you’ll be wasting half your energy hating it, which isn’t helpful for your career or life. You will be stuck in the wrong place, doing something monotonous, and as a result, not only will your professional life be affected, but also your personal life.

Adamas University, Kolkata was established with the aim to provide the best possible environment for the learning of students. Founded in 2014, Adamas university aimed to help the young aspirants to make their dream come true through quality teaching and competitive training in the best nature-friendly calm environment in the vicinity of Kolkata, the city of joy and cultural capital of India. The decision to found this university was not a discrete one. But a continuous exploration of the knowledge landscape of Bengal. This is the next step of RICE Education to bridge the basic prerequisite of the job through quality education. There was an essential need to create an eco-system of quality education from School to University. Adamas University is the culmination of that exploration.  Starting with a modest beginning, today Adamas University is a unique lush green community of the highest academic standards for developing society-ready professionals for meeting the future demand of the nation by recognizing, identifying, and fostering the unique capabilities of each student and extending support as per the passion of young minds.  Distinguished faculty, national-level sports trainer, and residence facility make it a campus that never sleeps.   Outcome-Based Education is taught in the School of Basic and Applied Sciences (SOBAS). SOBAS is committed to addressing scientific concerns through value-based science education, which incorporates project-based and research-based learning. It develops pupils into scientifically proficient professionals who can use current instruments effectively. SOBAS cultivates a spirit of inquiry and collaboration in students, preparing them for careers in teaching, research, government, and non-government service. It aids pupils in developing an analytical mindset. SOBAS organizes many scholarly events on a regular basis, such as National/International Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Expert Lectures, Lab/Industry Visits, and so on, through which students get exposure. The school provides various training programs for students so that they can compete in competitive examinations for achievement.

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