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MA Education as a Career Option in Post pandemic era

MA Education as a Career Option in Post pandemic era Education

MA Education as a Career Option in Post pandemic era

Education the word has a different meaning. To a saint, it is to feel the presence of God, to an artist, it is to excel in the field of art, to a student it is the acquisition of knowledge. This is how it has been taken by the common man. But to the people from the stream, Education, it is somehow different from that. A thorough analysis of the Western and Indian concepts of Education says that it is a man-making process. It aims to develop the whole personality of the individual.

In the present context when everyone is running after excellence, the system of Education becomes more and more specific. So there are different streams, different subjects, and different specialties. Nowadays “Education” is being considered an independent subject. The students from the humanities stream can choose it as either a Honours or a Pass subject at their graduation level. After passing out graduation level with more than 50% in the subject, students are eligible to take admission to MA in Education.

MA in Education is a specialized Master’s Degree program that deals with the different aspects of Teaching and Learning. It equips the students with the necessary skills and techniques which are essential to know the learner and the learning process. It provides an opportunity to do research work to supplement and solve as well as to enhance the process of learning. It also provides scope to get direct experience by involving students in different field visits and project works.

School of Education, Adamas University, provides different types of student engagement plans to the MA, Education students.

Covid-19 has destroyed the general lifestyle of the people. It has a drastic impact on each and every sector of society. Many people became homeless and jobless and many have lost their lives so also the Educational system and the organizations. The students suffer a lot. Some institutions changed to the virtual approach immediately and some shifted gradually. So staying indoors with all kinds of social breakups developed depression among the young learners. Now anyhow society became stabilized. All are trying to be normal.

During this time there is a big question among the students regarding the career option. Which course they will choose? Which organization they would like to enter? What are the prospects in the present career?

In this situation, the students who will choose MA in Education, moreover in School of Education, Adamas University, will have greater career prospects.

MA in Education leads to Post Graduate degree in Education. So it is a door to enter higher education. The students after passing out MA in Education will have the following career options-

  • After completing the course the students will be able to appear for the NET/ SET examination in Education.
  • NET/SET examination will help them to try for Assistant Professor in any Government or Private Colleges or Universities
  • NET with JRF will help the students to do innovative and creative research work in the field of Education and to contribute various areas of theory and practices.
  • MA in Education with B.Ed. will help the students to appear School Service Examination for the Post Graduate Teachers.
  • Students with MA (Education), and a B.Ed degree can be a Post Graduate teacher in any Private Higher Secondary school under the West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education.
  • MA in Education with B.Ed. can appear for the School Inspector Service Examination under West Bengal Public Service Commission (Education Service)
  • MA Education and B.Ed. students can act as career counsellors in the Educational domain. They may start their own counselling service or they may attach themselves to any educational organizations.
  • As a start-up the students may start playschools of their own.

In a post-pandemic era, when everybody is running after to settle themselves and to grow and choose a perfect career according to their abilities, aptitudes, interest, and intelligence. It is a great challenge for them. So, for those who want to join MA in Education, there is an exciting career ahead of them. A number of facilities are open. More specifically School of Education, Adamas University along with providing a good teaching-learning atmosphere, course content, and faculty support, also provides international exposure through different faculty exchange programs, peer teaching different fall programs, and spring programs in collaboration with foreign universities, to boost students’ self-confidence and upgrade their knowledge. It also provides remedial teaching for slow learners.

So MA Education in School of education, Adamas University is a good career option for the students.

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