What’s wrong with the agriculture sector?
by Dipankar Khasnabish
on December 3, 2019
The farmer is really angry, or rather sad. And that is the case for decades now. 100,000 taking their lives, gives a sense of the misery millions are facing. A lot is being discussed as
Student contributors: Rudranil Samanta and Rumale Das (B.Tech, Biotechnology) Nature is an artist which keeps on blissfully making new creatures with different size and shapes using different colors and qualities. On this planet, life exists
Student members: Anwesha Bose (Biotechnology, 3rd year. Adamas University), Soumyajit Chandra (Biotechnology, 3rd year, Adamas University) The sudden outbreak of highly contagious COVID 19 has led humanity at stake. The high infectivity of the virus combined
Student Contributor: Sulekha Roy (B. Sc Biotechnology 4th semester) Indian agriculture is undoubtedly the biggest livelihood giver. Sustainable agriculture helps for comprehensive development as it contributes very significant value to the GDP. The agriculture sector