Market situation in present time: We talk about different marketing strategy under different market conditions and most of the firm use diversified strategic approach as per market situation. Offers also vary by looking into the
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We are in unforeseen times and no person alive on this planet has personally faced this situation unleashed by the nCOVID19 pandemic and the lockdowns announced globally thereafter. Hence, the response with regards to understanding
Introduction: In the past one decade, the industrial growth was not significant in India. Major impact was observed in the performance of core manufacturing industries, and despite several corrective measures taken by the government for
Marketing Analytics – A New Dimension in Marketing
by Gouranga Patra & Prithvish Bose
on July 10, 2020
Introduction: Marketing is a process which fulfills human and social needs. The core concept of marketing is to satisfy customers. Recent trends are driving this concept into a more integrated format. Once there was a