The COVID 19 virus has affected most countries in the world, India being one of them with over 19000 people infected till date. Taking into consideration the risk of COVID19, the government announced an initial
Be that technical Smart, henceforth hackers become fool
by Ankur Biswas & Riya Sil
on June 30, 2020
Contributor : Abhishek Roy, Ph.D, Associate Prof,  Adamas University Don’t trust anybody instantly! There is always a high probability of us being a victim to hackers. Our valuable information is always getting exposed to the
Adamas University
By: Miss. Ritu Basu. BSc. LLB, SOLJ, AU Faculty guide: Dr. Anwesha Chatterjee, Assistant Prof. Biotechnology, SOLB, AU “I need not pause to explain that crime is not a disease. It is criminology that is
Cyber Security
The epidemic caused significant employment losses and layoffs across a variety of sectors, with few or no new positions being filled. However, recruiting has started up again in some industries, which is a sign that
Cyber security
Career Prospects in Cyber security
by Sayantan Singha Roy
on July 13, 2022
Multinational companies are spending fortunes to protect and secure their systems, sensitive data, networks, and privacies from cybercriminals. After the pandemic, with proliferation of internet use and technology use, these cyber attacks become more refined