“There’s no point dwelling on what might or could have been, you just go forward”. — Jack Nicholson If we are to believe the numbers given by the state and central government, it seems India
The exponential spread of COVID-19 across the world has forced us to accept a new convention of leading life that involves distance and discipline. It is our responsibility to not only save ourselves but also
Mr. Banerjee, who is now 70, had a pacemaker implanted in the year 2010. The battery of the pacemaker lasts for around 10 years and he was supposed to undergo a minor surgery for replacing
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The sudden outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic has led to a paradigmatic shift in our lives, perspective, and thought process. It has led us to think, to plan, to fashion our lives differently. Social distancing,
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Physics, while continuing its journey to unravel the mystery of nature since ages, has become one of the most powerful enablers of innovation and discovery through remarkable advancement in the field of academia and industry.