Entrepreneurship: A Primer for University Grads
by Prof Ujjwal K Chowdhury
on August 28, 2019
Entrepreneurship as an alternative to jobs
by Amitabha Ghose
on April 4, 2020
Given that India’s GDP growth has dropped below 5%, consumption is further dwindling due to pandemic corona virus outbreak, and GDP is further estimated to go down, and the world economy might go to a
Business incubators provide the support with advisory, administrative and technical services to facilitate the launch of a company, writes Dr. Saptarshi Chatterjee. Graphic: Saubhik Debnath A student of zoology at Bangalore University in 1973, she
by Soodipa Chakraborty
on July 29, 2020
These trying times have motivated most of us to dig deep to discover new ideas while developing, and assessing opportunities. The Post-Covid job market is witnessing transformations at all levels. These are the days when