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In our day to day lives the term Children’s Literature might not carry so much of importance. But we must not forget that it is the children’s literature which had shaped us into who we
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The sudden outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic has led to a paradigmatic shift in our lives, perspective, and thought process. It has led us to think, to plan, to fashion our lives differently. Social distancing,
#LitNext : Pandemic and Literature
by Mukulika Dattagupta
on July 30, 2020
Human history has survived many moments of crisis and natural calamity. Pandemics are one such natural calamity and they are not new in the history of mankind. Many a times they are referred in many
The underbellies of the internet are frequently visited by anonymous users. Faceless hands slide over the glowing screen looking for leftover movies in the torrent sites. The site reports that its algorithm has witnessed a
Why Is Translation Important for Indian Literature?
by Subhasnata Mohanta
on July 1, 2022
Why Translation of Literature is important in a country like India? The relevance of vernacular language literature and translations in India has been in talk of the town owing to Indian novelist Geetanjali Shree’s Hindi novel