The OTT platforms and web series are getting increasingly popular among the youth especially during this COVID -19 lockdown and the decreasing viewership of television. Many research points out that the OTT platforms are a
The pandemic Covid 19 has only proved the importance of communication in our daily lives. Though we practiced physical distancing to keep the virus away, but we were able to communicate with our near and
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Post COVID New Age Media Careers Beckon You
by Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury
on July 28, 2020
There is this news all around. People in newspapers are losing jobs in large numbers since the COVID19 pandemic struck the nation. It was expected for quite some time. The rise of the digital media
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What is New Media? New media is any media that is delivered to the people through digital means. Any medium through which you can distribute digital content, for example, email, podcast, smartphone applications, streaming video
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Journalists are a challenged lot! The increasing hunger for news and the scourge of paid and fake news seem to have pushed journalists to a point of no return. As Covid-19 continues to ravage the