Media plays a decisive role in the everyday life of youngsters not only because it conveys important facts and information but also because it is one the most important agencies of socialization and Gender Socialization.
Virtual Environmentalism: Another lens of Sociology
by Somdatta Mukherjee
on May 5, 2020
Today, I will be discussing on the issue of environment in general, and virtual environmentalism in particular. Framework of thinking about Sociology and Environment I would like to state that when I talk about environmental
Sociologists have been said to have a deeper understanding of social phenomena than the practitioners of any other discipline. This is mostly because Sociologists deal with such intricate aspects of everyday social life, that most
Happy Mothers’ Day to all my friends who feels the emotion of motherhood irrespective of their gender and marital status. I am trying to provide a sociological understanding of motherhood through this blog. Motherhood, by
Why Study Methodology in Sociology
by Somdatta Mukherjee
on May 11, 2020
Before delving in to the intensity of research methodology let me start with a common scene in your university. You are in your university cafeteria, with a cup of coffee or tea and you begin