Over the last couple of months, we all started talking about the COVID-19 pandemic as it suddenly changed many lives around the globe. Researchers decoded a ‘novel coronavirus’ behind all this chaos. People everywhere are
Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Stock Market
by Sabyasachi Mondal
on April 6, 2020
It was a gory month for economies across the world and stock markets bore the brunt of it. They headed for a tailspin from the word go since the first news of the deadly pandemic
by Gouranga Patra
on April 7, 2020
The effect of corona virus starts in December 2019 and in India it starts 2nd March 2020. And if we look into the impact, it changes the internal and external system of 204 countries. In
Covid-19 now, why and what’s next
by Mita Banerjee
on April 8, 2020
Health is wealth. The old adage is being proved anew at the cost of untold lives as the world confronts the horror not of a nuclear holocaust but of an invisible, insidious, deadly virus spread
The days of corona
by Samhita Sanyal
on April 9, 2020
দেশ ভাল নেই। সময় ভাল নয়।    প্রায় একমাসের কাছাকাছি হল বিশ্বামহামারীর দৌলতে আমরা ঘরবন্দি। কেউ একলা, কেউ বিদেশে, কেউ নিজভূমেই পরবাসী। যারা প্রিয়জনের কাছে… তারাও খুব একটা সুস্থ জীবন কাটাচ্ছে না। সারাক্ষণ মনে আতঙ্ক,