Introduction: Thermoelectricity deals with the conversion of waste heat into electricity by exploiting the inherent coupling between thermal and electrical properties. It becomes attractive predominantly in the recent perspective that unprecedented need for energy clashes
Euclidean to Fractal……Geometry of Nature…
by Aparajita Bhattacharya
on June 2, 2020
Most of the physical systems of nature are not regular geometric shapes of standard geometry derived from Euclid. Most of the shapes we deal with Euclidean or classical geometry are smooth shapes like circles, triangle,
Desert locust concern and trail frontward
by Rituparna Mitra
on June 2, 2020
As their name proposes, desert locusts regularly live and breed in semi-parched/desert locales. For laying eggs, they require exposed ground, which is once in a while found in regions with thick vegetation. In this way,
Background Higher education in colleges and universities present unique challenges to students where the use of previous learning strategies in high schools may not be ideal for a desirable positive academic outcome. Students using such
Globalization and spread of infectious disease
by Sanmitra Ghosh
on June 23, 2020
Globalization involves accelerated transcontinental streaming of goods, people, capital, information, and energy across borders, frequently empowered by technological developments.  The dissemination of infectious diseases worldwide has followed a parallel trend. Since the prehistoric era, an