Every crisis has a silver lining. It challenges people to think out of the boxes, it forges solidarity in thought and action in the most precarious of times. This pandemic is no different. A silver
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Relevant to the following courses of the PG programme M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance Credit Risk Management Market Risk Management Financial risk means unsystemic risk e.g. credit risk and systemic risk e.g. market risk.  Generally credit
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What a policy is A policy is a plan of actions toward achieving certain goal of any private or public community. Lending policy of a private sector bank is an example of the former whereas
Artificial Intelligence in Economics
by Rituparna Das & Arijit Ghosh
on October 15, 2020
What is Artificial Intelligence? The main feature of economic theories is that they try to eliminate the effects of uncertainties by attempting to bring the future to the present. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence which