The Automobile Industry in India is one of the largest industries of the country that contributes about 49% of the manufacturing GDP and 7.5% of the overall GDP. The USD 100 billion industry provides employment
Why not invest in Mutual Funds during Post COVID 19?
by Saswata Choudhury & Sourav Kumar Das
on June 30, 2020
What is Mutual Fund? In times of enhancing need and mobilization of domestic savings in lucrative investments, the importance of mutual funds have increased significantly. Mutual fund acts as a financial intermediary by pooling up
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COVID-19 Ramifications on Power Sector
by Somendra Nath Roy
on July 24, 2020
Despite increased energy access in developing countries, 789 million people all over the globe remain in the dark. COVID-19 has had an impact on the market, in particular as it has led to reduced demand,