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Introduction to the Programme: Biochemistry is the amalgamation of chemistry and biological sciences. It brings together all of the sciences to study the chemical and physical processes that occur in
As much as 85 per cent of the children studying in school now will have jobs that don’t exist yet – does this statement surprise of shock you? Well, that’s
Curfew has its origin in an old French word. The order given by the authority to the people was to extinguish fire at a particular time of evening which was
The Inquisitive in you: It is a well-known fact that the yogis of ancient times practised meditational techniques to get rid of diseases and stay healthy. Meditations induce the positive
Biotechnology is one of the world’s newest and most important applied sciences of the 21st century. It is the application of different domains of science and technology like physics, chemistry,
It seems like we are in the middle of a sci-fi action thriller. There is always an expectation that a hero will come and save us from the impending disaster.
AI or Artificial Intelligence, has become the latest technical catchword. However, we tend to forget that the first application of AI, was developed more than 75 years back in 1943,
We live in magical digital times. Everything is constantly changing all around us. It is a misnomer to call ourselves as “digital natives” anymore. We are immersed in a digital
“Refuting Misconceptions & Rumors in Scientific light” Origin: There were a few pneumonia cases in China (December 2019) among a group of people associated with the sea-food and animal market
The ideal role of justice delivery system is to resolve the dispute between the parties permanently, amicably and in a manner by which both the parties or all the parties