Dramatic Change in Chemistry Teaching and Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic
Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused teaching institutions to switch from face-to-face instruction to online remote instruction. Chemistry teachers have to deal with this as well. Teachers had attempted to conduct learning using a variety
Lean Management – An Advanced Management Practice in Construction Industry
1.0 Preamble The lean thinking is a scientific approach in managing time and cost of the construction project which emphasize waste minimization and customer satisfaction. It originated from Toyota and adopted all over the world
High Energy Physics research
Technological spin-offs from High Energy Physics research
by Tamal Kumar Mukherjee
on July 21, 2022
There is some good news waiting for the air travellers. They’ll soon be able to walk through airport security without having to separate liquids and gels in their hand baggage. Thanks to the new upgraded
Post Covid Career Prospects of M.Sc. Tech (Statistics and Data Science)
In this current scenario i.e. post COVID period data science becomes a new era. Data science has played a vital role in making the policies or decision making in real life world. It is one
green hydrogen
Green Hydrogen – A New Fuel of the Future
by S. N. Roy, Sanjoy Saha, Mosabber Hosain and S. Sarkar Roy
on July 20, 2022
India is witnessing the multitude of benefits of renewable energy, including increased access to electricity, reduced local air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, and lower energy imports. There are easy ways to boost renewable energy’s
monkey pox virus
by Manoj Kumar Singh and Brati Chakraborty
on July 18, 2022
On 23rd May 2022, the world stood alarmed once again, when the increasing number of cases of the rare Monkeypox infections were reported to stand at 131 from 18 non-endemic countries, although there has been
Pandemic to Prospect: New Avenues of Human Geography
by Supratim Karmakar
on July 17, 2022
Pandemic has heated hard the entire world as well as the academic field. But the social researchers found new ways of doing research within this fatal situation also. Covid 19 itself has become one of
health geoinformatics
The WHO has taken pledge to help countries and partners in making informed public health choices more quickly and to spread geospatial knowledge throughout the organization by connecting maps, apps, data, and people. Because of
How to Make Pharmacy Graduates Resume
How to Make Pharmacy Graduate Resume
by Arnab Chakraborty
on July 16, 2022
Pharmacists are at a pinnacle in the ability to manage, cure and prevent disease. Today, the pharmacist plays an essential role as part of the healthcare management team along with doctors. The post covid episode
Digitalization in Marketing Process-A New Skill in Marketing Specialization
Marketing is the process that satisfies human and social needs. It is nothing but a value-creation process. If we look into the marketing process, the job of most marketers is to design and develop the