Economics, social science, fun to read for all
by Debashree Chakraborty
on May 1, 2020
Economics. A word that sparks curiosity as well as fright amongst many of us. Yes we come across these in headlines or in the front pages of the leading dailies…but the subject has an intimidating
World of entertainment is ever-changing with technological innovation. It is likely to see new career avenues opening up with ushering of the new digital era. So, it is essential to know the market and also
Pharmaceutical industries- An overview of growth In the recent time especially in India is a big challenge for innovators to design a concept which can be unique. As we know that most of industries are
Electrical Engineering is that branch of engineering that deals with three E’s electricity, electromagnetism and electronics components. Electrical engineers works with varieties of range of equipment ranging from tiny microchips to huge power station generators.
The answer to the question, ‘what is sociology?’ is a very simple one – the study of society. It is the subject matter that is difficult to define. Sociology as a subject includes everything under