Virtual Courts and Future of Indian Courts
by Jyotsna Yagnik
on May 28, 2020
The situation prevalent during the COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in physical closure of the court building to maintain social distancing and to avoid spread of COVID 19. At present, mainly urgent kind of cases
Career in Criminal Law
by Jayita Moulick
on June 3, 2020
One of the most coveted area and sphere of career in law is in the Criminal Law Field. There are various opportunities and options for someone who has pursued criminal law as his/her specialization. Some
Adamas University
By: Miss. Ritu Basu. BSc. LLB, SOLJ, AU Faculty guide: Dr. Anwesha Chatterjee, Assistant Prof. Biotechnology, SOLB, AU “I need not pause to explain that crime is not a disease. It is criminology that is
Adamas University
Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 is the era’s most transformational event that has left unpredictable impact globally. While numerous sectors are undergoing drastic changes, legal education is no exception. Law schools, students, professors and the entire
Let us begin with a hypothetical situation wherein let’s say you are left to fend for yourself in a jungle and with no absolute skills to manoeuvre your survival instincts and thought process. The only