Crime in today’s era is one of the most growing factors in the world. In such an hour of need, we need more people who have an understanding of the criminal law. In our everyday
To a scholar, deep driving within oneself inherits different attires to bloom with creativity. The world is based on rationale to aspire for business where the basic expertise needed is Law. This is where, one
In this current era of globalisation and cross border international relation International law stands out as one of the most effective tools to bring about efficiency for future progress.   International law has wider ambit and
Unlike the famous figurative speech that demonstrates the inability of a person to gain expertise in a particular subject matter because he is busy dabbling in many skills, a degree in Legum Baccalaureus coupled with
Paternity determination requires DNA fingerprinting. Investigation of a shooting site requires ballistics analysis of the bullet’s wounding capability, details of the kind of firearms, gunshot residue analysis. Whether the white powder recovered from the accused