Career prospects post pandemic in criminal law specialization
A career in law provides a wide variety of work prospects that include litigation attorneys, law firms, legal assistants, and many other legal executives. One of wishes to make a successful career in law, must
The history of copyright is the tale of how the law has adapted to technical advancements. There have been significant technological advancements since the Rome Convention in 1961 and the final amendment to the Berne
By default, the Indian education system causes numerous stages of stress in students’ academic journey. The Higher Secondary Examination is arguably the most difficult of these. After their exams, Higher Secondary students are on the
Career Prospects in Competition Law
Competition law works at the intersection of law and economics to protect competition and ensure a free economy. A competitive market ensures that consumers have choices in price, selection, and service. A central goal of
Career in Health Law
Career in Health Law
by Array
on January 2, 2023
The field of law that focuses specifically on healthcare is diverse, challenging, and constantly changing, and that presents growth opportunities at a time when some fields of law are seeing job stagnation. But many law