Career as Biomedical Engineer
by Array
on July 23, 2021
What is Biomedical Engineering?   Biomedical Engineering is a blend of traditional engineering, expertise to analyze and solve difficulties in biology and medicine, providing an overall enrichment of health care. Generally, Students select this Engineering stream
Introduction:  In the current context, it is a very challenging task for students to choose the right career for their future. The job market is very much volatile and changing its nature very fast. If
Why B.Sc. Mathematics at Adamas
by Array
on July 27, 2021
“Nature is written in mathematical language.” – Galileo Galilei, Italian astronomer   After completing the higher secondary or equivalent examination, the students need to decide their future career plans. Many students with strong mathematics knowledge cannot decide
A major career decision that comes to every student’s life is when a student complete the 12th Board Examination. The first thing that strikes the mind of the parent and the student after the 12th class
What is Data Science?  In this current scenario of a competitive world, data science becomes a new era. Data science has played a vital role in making policies or decision making in the real-life world.  It is one of the trendiest jobs across the globe in