Let us first know what actually is the subject matter of sociology is. The answer to the question, ‘what is sociology?’  the study of society. It is the subject matter that is difficult to define. Sociology
Introduction:   Masters of Arts (M.A.) or Masters of Science (M.Sc.) in Education is a two years Post Graduate course. It has four semesters. Students have to appear for an entrance test followed by a personal
Introduction to Bioinorganic Chemistry: Bioinorganic or biological inorganic chemistry is the discipline dealing with the interaction between inorganic substances and molecules of biological interest. Living organisms store and transport transition metals both to provide appropriate
“In this changing world, nothing changes more than Geography” – Pearl S. Buck  In this ever-evolving dynamic world as a learner, one has to be lucid enough to shape their thoughts with dynamism. Without geography,
Physics is one such discipline of Science that focuses on the study of matter, energy and their interaction, in short, everything around us!Even after centuries, Physics is still considered to be a major driving force